Mourning Period is over
ohai on 2018-09-08 17:42:06

We believe we have sufficiently mourned the loss of the greatest bandit of all time, Mr. Turd Ferguson (AKA: Burt Reynolds). To pay tribute just a little bit more, we decided to rebrand and update some of the stuff on the site. ALL OF YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION IS THE SAME. You'll find (we hope) a more navigable site with quicker load times of most of the routes and a bit more manageable intake of informations (instead of looooooong pages). If you have any issues logging in or whatever, just hit us up on slack or email.

In other noteworthy news, we now support powershell! Don't ask me what version, it's whatever is installable on ubuntu 18.04 at the moment. If something doesn't work like you think it ought to, again, don't ask me, I can barely write a for loop in it (for-each or something, i dunno).

Anywho, we hope you like the updated layout and navigation. If you don't, please do let one of us know in slack. Always happy to hear actionable feedback ;)

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